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Credit card information missing

Last Updated: May 02, 2016 09:02AM PDT
An invoice couldn't settle due to credit card information missing, I couldn't see credit card information in 2.1.21, but I couldn't find the delete request send to 3Delta. When AR was trying to settle the transaction, it was trying to look for card ref Val C100000002174609 and got error: Error - Card account data does not exist for the specified MerchID/CardRefVal combination.
Do you know what may delete the card information?

It was presumably caused by a temporary card that was deleted while the billing was still in Pending status. I sent you an updated xxarcsif.p that would delay the deletion of a temporary card until any pending billing had been settled.
I do not know of another way that a card can be prematurely deleted automatically.  Any deletion of a card by CCI would leave behind interface records with a file name ending in "delete", unless you had turned off file saving on  At this point you will need to use the Pay Invoice with credit card screen and add the credit card information again.
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