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TailorPro does not return to calling field in NetUI

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2016 01:30PM PDT
In SO maintenance I have anchor on entry of sod_list_pr. This program will pop up a frame and allow the user to enter a PO price field. At line 170 in tpsopopr.p a flag is checked and if it's equal to yes then I want to return back to frame c sod_list_pr . If the flag is no, then I want to apply go to that field.
If I remove the hide frame fpoprice_pop it works. When I hide the frame, the program goes to sod_price field. I need to hide the fpoprice_pop frame and return to sod_list_price. 

I used fldattrs.i for discount and set sensitive = yes right after the enable.i and set sensitive = no after the disable.i. That seemed to fix it. The discount is still enabled on the screen when the po price is input but it gets disabled before the program ends and the cursor is in the right place to go forward.
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