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Delete audit on a table

Last Updated: May 02, 2016 08:45AM PDT
I'm trying to delete an audit record for a table. F5 and Ctrl D do not appear to delete the audit record. When I remove the audit_cd_det.p program I get a TailorPro error. I'd like to remove the audit record so I can remove the .p also.

1. In Audit/Field Selection, select the table to remove so it has a “>” next to it. Press F5. You should see a message “OK to delete these audit fields? Y/N”. If you don’t see that message, it sounds like an emulation issue – F5 doesn’t map in whatever emulation you are using. Try ctrl-g.     
2. If you get the message and say Yes, then do F7 to generate the code. The original audit program (“audit_cm_mstr.p” or something similar) will not be deleted, but it should no longer get run. The main audit program (“tpsoaudit.p” – is that the main audit program or the one for so_mstr?) will no longer reference it. And the entry in the program table will have been deleted for that record (event = TableAudit, runprogram = audit_cm_mstr.p or similar).

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