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Program.d records for AuditTrail

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2016 05:56PM PDT
We have implemented TP auditing in our Development environment and at one time in our testing environment. I'm getting ready to move this to our test environment again and I have a question on some anchors in the program.d table.
I have an audit program set up: tpxxaud.p
I'm auditing 3 tables so_mstr sod_det and cmt_det and all the fields in these tables on delete and create.
I have saved and generated the code.
In the program .d table I see a record with the event 'Audit' with the program name tpxxaud.p. I know where this came from.
I also see 3 records that look like they belong to the Audit programs but I'm not sure because I can't find any reference to these records in either the Audit or TP manual and the program names in the 'TableAudit' records do not match what was generated. My question is, are the 3 TableAudit event records used in the Audit trail?" If not, can I set active to 'NO'. Currently, this is on a Development machine.

Those TableAudit records are created automatically when you generate the main audit program and they are for internal use. They correspond to the tables that you are auditing, even though the program names in them do not match. You should leave them as is and migrate them when you move the audit trail programs.
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