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Tpanchdefs.i was not found, program or include file not found

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2016 11:54AM PDT
I am getting the error message tpanchdefs.i was not found. I think that the path is incorrect. Can you verify that the path should include /apps/tailorpro/xrc or /apps/tailorpro/tpnet?

This error message would arise if tpanchdefs.i were not in the propath for the environment where the error message shows up.
1. If that is in a log for NetUI, then check the propath for the AppServer. Verify that tpanchdefs.i is in the expected directory. Then check the propath for the AppServer in $DLC/properties/ubroker.properties. Once the AppServer propath is correct, stop and restart the AppServer.

2. If the AppServer propath is correct, check the propath in the connmgr.* and telnet.* scripts. Those can be verified by navigating to the directory where that script lives, then executing the script, for example:
> cd /apps/scripts
> ./connmgr.test

If the script executes correctly, a line will show across the top of the screen. Type ctrl-y to verify TailorPro is running, the TailorPro information box should show up. If a missing program or include message is shown, check the propath in the script being executed.

3. If the message shows up when accessing the character or GUI environment, check the script that is executed to verify that the program or include in question is in the propath.

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